Contents of Studio Gym in Fareham, PO14 2JY

‘By Order of the Finance Company'



2 x Gym Gear - Elite Series Adjustable High/Low Pulley with Cable Crossover Connector Bar

Gym Gear - Elite Series Lat Pulldown/Low Row

Gym Gear - Elite Series Leg Press
Gym Gear - Elite Series Leg Extension/Leg Curl
Gym Gear - Elite Series Assisted Chin/Dip
Gym Gear - Elite Series Pec Fly/Rear Delt
Gym Gear - Elite Series Chest Press
Gym Gear - Elite Series Land Mine Core Trainer
Gym Gear - Elite Series Olympic Flat Bench
Gym Gear - Elite Series Olympic Incline Bench
Gym Gear - Sterling Series Seated Calf Raise
Gym Gear - Sterling Series Half Power Rack
3 x Gym Gear - Sterling Series Adjustable Bench
2 x Gym Gear - Standard 7ft Olympic Bar
Gym Gear - Cross it 7ft Olympic Bar
2 x Gym Gear - Olympic Spring Collars (Pair)
Gym Gear Black Rubber Olympic Tri-Grip Plate Weights to Include: 10 x 20kg / 4 x 15kg / 2 x 10kg
Gym Gear Black Bumper Plate Weights to Include: 6 x 25kg / 6 x 20kg / 2 x 15kg / 6 x 10kg / 4 x 5kg
Set of Gym Gear Studio Barbell Weights Set on Rack to Include: 10 x Bars / 20 x 1.25kg / 20 x 2.5kg / 20 x 5kg
Gym Gear - 3 Tier Kettlebell Rack


Approx 240 x Rubber Multitiles with Grey Fleck. Size 50mm x 50mm x 27mm
12 x Black Rubber Ramp Edges. Size 16mm x 30mm
2 x Gym Gear Red Rubber Floor Tiles . Size 100cm x 100cm x 30mm


By Appointment Only - 0208 300 9828
Stubbington Green
PO14 2JY

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