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Industrial Sales and Auctions


Industrial sales include:  VERTU Mobile Phone Manufacturers, Luxury & Military Spec Boat Builders, Salt Processing & Production Company, Woodworking/Metalworking/Glass Manufacturing Factories & Many More

Mc Laren MP4 Auction Sidcup, London


Vehicle sales include: McLaren MP4 12C, Porsche 911 Carrera, Ferrari Mondial 8 Coupe, 1957 Cooper Climax T43/T51 Historic Racing Car, Ford Ranger Limited 4x4 TDCi Auto Pick-up, Mercedes SLK 320 Auto Convertible, Chrysler 300C SRT CRD Auto, VW Transporter T26 84 TDO SWB Van & Many Other Cars, Vans, Lorries, Bikes Etc

Industrial Sales and Auction Sidcup, London


Commercial sales include: Car Repair & MOT Specialists, Chrysler Car Main Dealer, Home Audio, Video & Electrical Retailers, Kitchen/Bathroom Suppliers, Assorted Stocks Jobs, Racking, Warehousing, & Much More

Bakery Machinery


Catering sales include: Large Bakery & Bread Manufacturers, Airplane Catering Suppliers, Packaged Food Suppliers & Many Other Large & Small Catering Businesses, Restaurants & Franchises





General Goods

General sales include: Retail Carpet & Flooring Specialist Suppliers, Contemporary & Designer Furniture Suppliers, Licensed Restaurants, Nightclubs & Bars, Highstreet Shops & Many Other Business Assets & Repossession Goods

Apple PC Auction Sidcup, London


I.T. sales include: Offices of On-Line Stock Buyers Marketplace, Hardware Consultancy Company, Mobile Phone Manufacturers, Call Centres, Home-care & Human Health & Many Other I.T Based Businesses




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Our Skills & Expertise

G.J.Wisdom & Co Auctioneers & Valuers was established in 1987 to provide Auctioneering and Valuation Services to the Bailiff Industry (now Enforcement).

Over the past 30 years we have conducted numerous Valuations, Auctions, Sales & Clearances, removing and selling a wide variety of goods whether they have been sold from site or transported and placed into one of our Auctions.

Having been in the industry for over 30 years, Garry Wisdom has acquired a knowledge base in the industry which has allowed us to develop our own 'Bespoke Auction & Case Reporting Software'. This has been specifically designed to produce everything required for both Vendors & Buyers within our Sales, from a Pre Auction Advice for Clients to a Financial Overview of the Entire Sale, including Auction Catalogues, Buyers Invoices, Porters Copy Invoices & Vendor Statements).
We have also recently developed a 'Valuation Software' which is now being used to produce professional Valuation Reports for clients.

With our companies continued growth, since July 2018 we are also holding our On-Line Auctions via our website. Visit the AUCTIONS menu for our current sales.

Client & Customer Testimonials

Isobel Brett (Licensed Insolvency Practitioner) – Bretts Business Recovery
We have worked with G J Wisdom and Co for almost 15 years and have never been let down on service.  The team at GJW are wholly reliable and can usually find solutions for the various challenges we give to them.  They are always professional and yet sensitive to the difficult situation of our clients. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them”.

Bijal Shah (Licensed Insolvency Practitioner) – Edge Recovery

“The service we get from all at GJ Wisdom is immediate and effective. The outcome is usually better than expected, even in difficult situations. Thanks to all at GJ Wisdom & Co for their continued attention and support”.

Helen Graham (Finance Leasing) – Arkle Finance Ltd
GJ Wisdom have been one of the best auctioneers we have worked with. We only work alongside a small panel of auctioneers and this is a great reflection of the service you provide. Your facility is quick and efficient and we have always been happy with the results of the sales. Not only that but you are personable and helpful with providing advice for asset valuations. Thank you again”.

Ashok Bhardwaj (Licensed Insolvency Practitioner) – Bhardwaj Insolvency Practitioners
“We have been using G J Wisdom & Co’s services over the past few years and they have produced remarkable results for the creditors. What I like about your company is the immediate response, and continued updates throughout the case until the case is concluded. May our working relationship continue for many more years”.

Tony Thompson (Licensed Insolvency Practitioner) – Piper Thompson

“We have, over the years, used G J Wisdom & Co for property valuations and have always found them very efficient and their costs reasonable”.

Nimesh Patel (Licensed Insolvency Practitioner) – Re10 Ltd

“We first used G J Wisdom & Co some 22 years ago.  All agents and valuers will do the basics of the job competently, in that all painters will paint a wall for you.  The things that set Garry and his team apart from their competitors and the reasons why we have kept using them over the years can be summed up in the way they approached the first job they did for us in September 1998 which was a DIY shop in Mitcham, London.  First of all the valuation was required at short notice.  Not only were they able to do the work within a very tight time frame but the depth of detail of the inventory in the valuation report was astonishing.  This was important because sometimes you need to have necessary back up for high valuations.  Apart from the high quality of the reports produced, Garry and his team also have the ability to conduct difficult negotiations with potential purchasers to maximise the values of the sales they conduct.  We gave up  interfering in sales negotiations with potential purchasers about 15 years ago as Garry and his team have proved time after time they will get the best result possible and generally exceed our expectations.  Leaving aside their professionalism they are just nice people to do business with who have never let us down.”