Auction Collections & Client Drop-off’s

Another busy week for GJWisdom & Co Auctioneers. We have already had an instruction to collect, clear & sell the contents of an Exhibition Manufactures in Kent, Plastic Moulding Company in Gloucestershire, Removal of Offices in London & provide an inventory & valuation for a Tort Notice of a Residential Flat in North London.

Dave & Andy have been to remove a LWB VW Crafter Panel Van, and one of our clients has also delivered an assortment of commercial coffee machines, catering equipment, CCTV System & Wide Format Printer. We are also awaiting the delivery of 3 (maybe 4) classic cars to come from Oxford which will be coming up for Auction soon. More details of these can found on our website very soon and will include a Porsche 911, Porsche 924 & Morris Minor.

With our current Auction already under way and due to end Thursday 27th May 2021, it will be another busy week, preparing and arranging the logistics for these other jobs, some of which we already have with us in Sidcup.

People often ask when we have 'this' or 'that' coming up for sale, but the truth is, we often don't know what we are going to get from one week to the next, so it is always worth visiting every sale, as you just never know what you may find. We have sold many goods to buyers in desperate need, and even more to buyers who didn't even know they needed it.


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