Happy New Year & Welcome to 2022

G J Wisdom & Co Auctioneers & Valuers would like to wish all of our clients, customers & associates a Happy & Healthy New Year for 2022. We start off this year with 2 (possibly 3) sales in January and have already conducted a number of removals & valuations and it's only week 2.

Last year was a reasonable year's trading despite a large reduction in liquidations & repossessions along with Enforcement restrictions for High Court & Landlords, however we still managed to sell over 5000 lots across 25 On-Line Auctions, this excluding our private treaty valuations & sales.
We are pleased to have grown over these past few years, from holding almost 1 Auction a month, to now 2-3 a month, however, we have frequently been tight for space and whilst we have always somehow managed the large volumes coming in and out, have at times struggled.

Therefore, with this growth and the projection of what is to come following the wake of both Brexit & Covid, G.J.Wisdom & Co have decided to expanded our operations with an additional premises. Located only a few miles away in Orpington, Kent, this new facility provides a further 3500sqft of storage with office space to enable us to hold even more Auctions as required by our clients. With much better access, we are now able to house larger goods for sale and separate lots by categories in the various storage areas. This is welcomed by our staff, but additionally by our buyers, who have already began giving us great feedback on our new unit and the difference this will hopefully make.

Be assured, we are not bragging, we are aware of the hardship that many companies have come under in the past 2 years and the huge debt that we now all carry to get our Country financially stable. However, as is our industry, we are very much needed in this process, to provide valuations and when required, realise & maximise on our sales to help recover debts & liabilities incurred. While we may not be the biggest Auction House, we are among the best in achieving some of the higher sale prices with the dedication to our Auction cataloguing and extensive marketing of sales, we maximise results in some of the most flooded markets and at times, exceed our clients & sometimes our own expectations.

We have therefore taken on the increased liability of an additional premises, in order for us to continue and maintain the level of service we provide the indsustry. We hope to be able to hold bigger & more frequent sales to assist with the projected increase in demand. It is worth stating the demand is very much there from the buyers in our industry, so can only hope that the increase in sales will be met by them and help maintain prices in the second-hand market.

As one of the few Auctioneers in the South East of England providing the range of services we do, we are ready and willing to meet and exceed expectations of our clients & customers. We are dedicated agents from start to finish and if you have dealt with us for any length of time, you will hopefully know, just how much we appreciate the support of our clients and repeat business of many of our buyers. We very much look forward to continuing and growing our relationship in 2022 and beyond.


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