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With a scheduled inventory & valuation in Regents Park cancelled at the last minute, I have finally managed to find time to provide the following brief update on the past and coming months.

With instructions coming in from both long standing and new clients, it's fare to say, the purchase of our new premises can't come soon enough. While we initially where looking to relocate, we have taken the decision to maintain our current premises in Sidcup and utilise our new site in Orpington for additional storage to keep up with the current demand.

It's been a very busy month of early starts for our team with September seeing a huge variety of assets from Luxury Cars, Ladies Dresses, Artwork, Catering, Workshop, I.T Equipment & Much More. October is set to see another wide variety of goods with our staff already removing and preparing the contents of a Model Design Company, a Print & Framing Business, Other Commercial Kitchens, Cafe Furniture, I.T, Office Equipment and with the potential for a Lifting Company & Large Shoe Supplier.

We hope with the additional space, it will help us to keep up with the demand we are currently seeing. It has always been hard to predict the level of Auctions we have from month to month which has always meant we need to remain flexible with our sales. While we wish to continue this service for on-site sales, it's possible with the new premises we can start to run more regular Auctions, targeting more specific buyers markets.

Having said that though, with the variety of goods that passes through our sale room, we have always felt that there is something for everyone in our sales. Only time will tell and we welcome this next chapter of G J Wisdom & Co, Auctioneers & Valuers.


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