Self Storage Removal & Sale

Today, G J Wisdom & Co Auctioneers are attending the site of a Big Yellow Self Storage in West London, to remove the entire contents of 2 self storage units, occupying a total of 100sqft. With no prior knowledge of what the was being held in the storage units, with the instruction of Ashcrofts Insolvency Practitioners, we have collected what turned out to be a selection of Commercial Catering Equipment which includes AEG Ovens, AEG Hobbs, Kenwood Mixers & general other Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Utensils, as well as approx 40 archive boxes, with around 10 years worth of company paperwork.

Having successfully negotiated a zero settlement with the self storage company for the balance of the outstanding storage which the company owed prior to liquidation, on the understanding that both units would be entirely cleared, it's been another productive day for staff members Dave & Andrew, who have managed to clear and load everything and will undoubtedly return later to unload into our warehouse.

The client is satisfied and can now fully close the case having dealt with all of the companies assets, the storage company have there units back for hire and G J Wisdom & Co, have some more lots for our next Auction which will likely be towards the end of May 2021.

Every day brings something different and with such a wide range of clients, in this current climate, we literally never know what is coming up next.


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