Closed Auctions, Sales & Tenders

Closed Auctions & Sales 2018

  • SALE CLOSED: Thursday 19th July 2018 - Collective Sale of I.T. Computers, Laptops, Printers, Photo-booth & Other General Goods

Closed Auctions & Sales 2017

  • SALE CLOSED: On-Line Auction to Include Contents of Design Style Eames Chairs, Sofa's, Armchairs, Glass Top Tables, Dining Chairs, Coffee Tables, Lounge & Lobby Chairs, Wire Framed Seats, Large Quantity of Lighting to Include, Pendant Lights, Desk & Floor Standing Lamps & More 12th January 2017

Closed Auctions & Sales 2016

  • SOLD: Sale By Tender to Include Quantity of Fine Wines, Spirits & Other 25th January 2016


  • SOLD: On-Line Auction to Include Entire Contents of a Honda Main Dealership 30th April 2015

Closed Auctions & Sales 2014

  • SALE CLOSED: On-Line Auction to Include Contents of Mercedes 2002, Cycling Bikes, Scooters, Childrens Electric Cars & More 29th October 2014