Approx 180 Pallets with an Estimated £800,000 of
Garlic Granules, Bioflavex Citrus Flavonoids,
Lauric Fatty Acids & Pomegranate Extract

Located in Abertillery, Wales

‘By Order of the Liquidator'


GJWisdom & Co have been instructed by the proposed liquidator to offer for immediate sale and offers, the following stock, which is currently located in the company's laboratory in Abertillery, Wales.

The stock has been identified on the company's asset sheets as provided by the director, and is subject to additional identification. There are additional small quantities of stock and packaging, which make up the estimate of £800k cost value.

Due to the vast quantity of stock, we are seeking serious offers or interest to purchase all or parts of the stock following immediately following the liquidators formal appointment and prior to any sale or Auction of the laboratory's and offices.

Shane Wisdom
07794 762 345


Stock Breakdown to Include:

BGG Garlic Granules 0.5%:   6345 kg
BGG Garlic Granules 0.8%:   130,170 kg

Lauric Acid Wilmar:                8800kg
Lauric Acid Mosselman:         4400kg

Stearic Acid Wilmar:               1149kg

Bioflavex CA:                          7485kg

Pomegranate Extract:            3200kg

Green Tea Extract:                  3500kg


By Appointment Only - 0208 300 9828

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