Protac Sensit Sensory Stimulating Chairs
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  • 2 x The Protac Sensit Chair is a sensory stimulating chair is filled with balls in the seat and back and in the neck and side wings. The neck and side wings are used to envelop and calm the user by placing them around the body as required. The Protac chair provides a sense of security and calm and increased levels of concentration among users, C/W Associated Footstools. (Note 1 Spare Unused/New Chair Cover)
    RRP £1650 Each.
  • Ideal for all ages, care homes, hospices, charities, schools and special schools, psychiatric departments, waiting rooms, sensory rooms, treatment and therapy rooms as well as within the home. Suitable for a range of medical conditions including ADHD, Anorexia, Anxiety, Autism, Apoplexy, Brain damage, Cerebral Palsy, Chronic pain, Deafness or Blindness, Dementia, Depression, Hypermobility, MS, Parkinsons disease, SPD, Stress, and Tourette’s Syndrome.
  • The Protac Sensit chair’s stable shape supports the neck, head and body and the flexibility of the balls in the seat and back makes it easy to adjust the chair to make it comfortable.











  • Safespace Room - A versatile, soft, durable, sleep and relaxation space for anyone who may be unsafe in an ordinary room.
    The Safespace is designed for those with autism, epilepsy, behaviours which challenge and profound multiple learning difficulties, including for those with full mobility. It provides an extremely robust space that can be kicked, punched and head-butted. It can withstand the roughest treatment by both children and adults. It provides a space in which someone can sleep, move, roll or play freely, reducing the risk of injury by eliminating hard surfaces.
    A Safespace can make a huge difference when a person has safety issues, poor sleep patterns or behavioural difficulties.
    RRP £6,400
    Note:- Erected once, but was unused.


Protac Chairs

SafeSpace Room

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