On-Line Timed Auction
Entire Contents of '3D Creations Ltd'

World Class Scenic Design & Construction Company
Located in Norfolk, NR31 0GW

Thursday 27th August 2020

‘By Order of the Company Director'



* Set & Theatre Props

* Workshop Tools & Materials

* Set Design IT & Accessories
* Contents of Sewing Shake
* Furniture & General Goods

GJWisdom & Co Auctioneers have been instructed by the company's director, to arrange for the sale of the entire contents of the company, this is primarily due to Covid-19 and the effect it has had on Theatres, Live Productions and the Entertainment Industry.

The sale will comprise of everything from raw materials to finished set props, domestic hand tools to industrial machinery, with the contents of the design office, paint shop, sewing shack and storage units included.

There is approx 400 lots, with something for everyone.

Both the director & ourselves initially hoped to have a standing Auction On-site with both live & On-line bidding. As Auctioneers in this industry, we would have welcomed the opportunity to get back to our roots of conducting a live On-site Auction, which has become harder over recent years, with predominately most On-site sales giving way to Timed On-line Sales.

In cooperation with the company, we were all looking to provide an event that would be of interest to the local community, but due to Covid-19, has meant that social distancing regulations, makes it  impractical or the right time to have a live Auction. Therefore this will be an On-Line Timed Auction.

Undoubtedly, we still wish to make this a successful event and appeal to all markets and buyers both locally and UK wide. Hence why we are starting to market the sale and gain interest for the event. Our sales team are on hand to answer any queries and/or provide full instructions to register and participate in this sale and can be contacted on 0208 300 9828 or by email at

While it may not carry the same atmosphere as a live sale, we are hopeful that the result can still be as good, if not better for our client who deserves nothing more than to exit the industry after 35 years with panache.

Visit the companies website to see the productions they have worked on over the years -



Monday 24th - Thursday 27th August 2020
3D Creations Ltd
33 Malthouse Lane
NR31 0GW

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