Contents of Glamping Event Company

‘By Order of the Liquidator of Canvas & Stars Ltd (In Liquidation)'



40 x Camp Chairs
5 x Portable Gas Cookers
2 x Gas Stove
White Desk & Chair
Grey Desk
Grey Blankets
Kitchen Tables x 2
2 x Hot Tubs
Wheelbarrow & 2 x Carriers
10 x Buckets
Hand Made Bar
Shower Bases & Steps
6 x Bamboo Screens
2 x Gas Fridge Freezer
3 x Jerry Cans
5 x Lights
6 x Camplux Showers
SGS Generator
4 x 5m Bell Tents
20 x Ratchet Poles
15 x Coir Mats
Assorted Duvets & Pillows
20 x Double Memory Foam Mattresses
Selection of Single & Double Air Beds
10 x Outdoor Firebowls with Grill & Stand
Selection of Rustic Pallet Furniture
2 x Sofas
2 x Futon Leather Beds
28 x Futons with Mattresses
12 x Bench & Table Sets
3 x Painted Grey Sinks
3 x Army Mess Tents
5 x Outdoor Kitchens
5 x Horse Mate

All goods are located in storage in Chichester, West Sussex. Due to circumstances beyond our control, access for viewing may not be available at this stage. Any interested parties should contact Shane Wisdom on 0208 300 9828 to discuss.

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