‘By Order of the Trustee in Bankruptcy’
Bankrupts Shareholdings in Jiss Limited

Completed Tenders must be Submitted By
2pm Monday 17th July 2023


G J Wisdom & Co are instructed to offer for Sale by Sealed Bid Tender:

90 Ordinary ‘A’ Shares in Jiss Ltd (being all of the share capital).

 (All Bidders are encouraged to satisfy themselves on all matters before submitting a Tender, therefore no allowance whatsoever will be made)

Tender forms must be completed and handed to, or in the possession of the Auctioneer or their authorized agent by no later than
Monday 17th July 2023

The successful bidder will be notified as soon as possible after this time.

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All Tenders are Legally Binding in accordance with the attached Notice to Purchases and our General Terms & Conditions of Sale.

Any Bidders that request additional financial information, will be required to complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement (available on request).

The sale of existing shares in a business is exempt from VAT as it falls under the financial services exemption.

Tenders are subject to 10% Buyers Premium plus VAT.

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