Contents of Harley Street Laser Eye Clinic

‘By Order of the Administrators'



  • Intralase FS60 Laser Machine
  • 2 x Potec PDR 7000 Digital Refractor
  • Alcon X-Rum Verion Measurement System
  • Balsch & Lomb Technolas Orbscan3 & Zywave3
  • Nidek RT-5100 Refractor
  • Midop Y25S Slit Lamp
  • Mitron SL16 Slit Lamp
  • Alcon LX3 175ml Microcope
  • Rini Surgical Operating Table
  • Rini Surgeons Electric Chair
  • Centurion Vision System
  • & Other Equipment

Also to Include:

  • Patient Chairs
  • Surgeons Operating chairs
  • Designer Waiting Area Chairs


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