Large Quantity of Link 51 Pallet Racking & Warehousing Mesh
Purchased & Installed in 2021 for Approx £80,000 + VAT

Located in Witham, CM8

‘By Order of the Insolvency Practitioneer'


Sale to Include:

  • Link 51 Pallet Racking (2021) with
    112 x 7m x 900cm Frames
    570 x 2.7m x 2T Beams
    24 x 1.35m x 1T Beams
    Total 764 Pallets
    Purchased & Installed in 2021 for £39,000 + VAT


  • Security Cage with Double Sliding Access to Pallet Storage Area with
    Demountable Runs of:
    32.4m x 8m High
    24.2m x 4.88m High
    12.7m x 4.88m High
    6.9m x 4.88m High
    8.4m x 8m High
    25.5m x 8m High
    2.8m x 4m Sliding Door Opening
    Purchased & Installed in 2021 for £37,000 + VAT

By Appointment Only - 0208 300 9828
Witham, CM8

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